The Original Plaster Paint® Paste Wax is a Carnauba wax base, the hardest natural wax known to man.  Paste Wax is best used on wood surfaces such as furniture, cabinetry, floors & any wood decor.  Paste wax gives a silky smooth, rich finish.


  1.  Make sure piece is dry & lint free.


  1.  Use a dry natural bristle brush (preferred brushes below) and apply a very thin coat of Paste Wax.
  2. Apply in a circular motion one way, then go back over in the reverse direction.
  3. Finish by brushing back flat and do not allow to dry with swirls.
  4. Once dry, buff vigorously while applying pressure using buffer brush or dry clean cloth (neutral color).  The best and easiest way to buff is using our buffer brush attached to an electric drill.
  5. As you buff and create friction you will see your project change from dull to silky smooth.  The finish will be stunning!

Clean up:

  • Water based soap and water clean up.

Best brushes to use



22 oz, 8 oz


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