Enhance the current color and make details pop!  We recommend applying with our Restore synthetic brush.  Brush on and immediately wipe off with a damp neutral cloth.  Seal with liquid wax of your choice.


  1.  Make sure piece is dry & lint free.
  2. A coat of Liquid Wax should be used before you apply your glaze.  This will  lock in the base coat keeping the glaze from blending with your paint & allowing you to move the glaze around without pulling the paint off.


  1. Open glaze and stir well.
  2. Have a good amount of damp paper towels or neutral cloth ready to use.  Be sure they are just damp and not wet and separated into single sheets to use.
  3. Apply the glaze one section at a time in no more than 12 to 18 inches at a time, using a damp paper towel to gently wipe the glaze back off.  Turn your paper towel as needed to ensure you are working with a clean area.  Glaze will stay for about 10 minutes while you are working with it but not allow it to completely dry during this process.


  • Once you have achieved the desired look, allow the glaze to fully dry and seal with your favourite Plaster Paint Sealant.

Clean up:

  • Water based soap and water clean up.

Best brushes to use

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