The Original Plaster Paint® Crackle is a water based additive that when applied in between paint colour layers, will dry the paint with cracks to show the colour or texture beneath the layer of paint. Great for that “old world” antique look or for a more modern colourful spin on your piece.


  • Make sure piece is clean and lint free.


  1. Paint your first color and allow to dry.
  2. Stir the crackle well and then use a chip brush to apply a nice thick even coat.  Allow to fully dry.  Typical dry time is one hour but you can let dry overnight if you like.
  3. Apply the top coat of paint in one direction and do NOT brush back over and area once you have applied the paint.  The top coat will start cracking very quickly and will continue to crack until fully dry.
  4. Finish your piece using one of our Plaster Paint sealants.
Weight0.269 kg

8 oz


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